Documentary Films
& Photo Exhibits


The Mark of War

The Mark of War (2018, 90-minutes) is a documentary film about the enduring legacy of war.

The Mystery of Consciousness

The Mystery of Consciousness (2010, 26-minutes), is a documentary film funded by the Mind Science Foundation.

Looking North

Looking North: Mexican Images of Immigration (2007, 30-minutes) explores Mexican views of the phenomenon of mass migration

¡Ya Basta!

¡Ya Basta! (2007, 53-minutes) is a documentary film that describes the wave of kidnappings and other crimes that have swept over Mexico in the last decade.

Crossover: A Story of Desegregation

Crossover: A Story of Desegregation (1999, 55-minutes) illustrates the bittersweet legacy of school desegregation in the town of Hempstead, Texas

The Road to Redemption

Gallery Exhibition (2003). Photographs by Sarah Wilson.