Guest lecture Charles Ramirez Berg's Communications class

Guest lecture Charles Ramirez Berg's Communications class


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

This course covers the core concepts of classical and contemporary psychoanalytic approaches to treatment.

Object Relations Theory

This course covers psychoanalytic developmental theories (from Freud to current relational models) and their relationship to concepts of psychopathology and treatment.

Practicum Seminar

This course is for doctoral counseling students who are working in practicum settings.

Rorschach and TAT Interpretation

This course teaches students the foundations of projective testing, with a strong emphasis on scoring and interpreting the Rorschach Inkblot Test and developing interpretive skills for clinical data.

Qualitative Methods

This course covers a variety of qualitative, narrative, and ethnographic approaches to inquiry.

Spanish for the Helping Professions

This course is for graduate students with proficiency in Spanish who are working in clinical contexts with Spanish speaking patients.


Documentary Film & Inquiry

Students in this course develop documentary projects over the course of the semester on a variety of topics of their choosing. Students learn the basic elements of documentary filmmaking, including interviewing, videography, and editing.


In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I serve on the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Training Program’s Executive Committee and on the Admissions Committee for both the doctoral and the Counselor Education programs. I am also the faculty member responsible for overseeing the doctoral program’s extensive practicum placement process.  I also serve on the departmental Graduate Studies Committee, and on a variety of committees within the college and the university.